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Welcome to the Bertinetti Lake Front Property Owner's Association

Pontoon Boat View

Blue Sky 2019photo by Jim Montgomery

See our PHOTO PAGE for more photos of the lake from association members. Also, see our PROJECTS & NEWS PAGE for photos about the latest association updates.

Will Peabody finished mapping the lake. If you follow the link below, you can zoom in on Bertinetti Lake and see contours now. Will states that "After I finished I realized I didn’t offset the transducer distance when I switched from my old boat to my pontoon boat. You need to add about a foot to each contour line to be accurate.  I plan to remap the lake and upload the results to this website. I will also attempt to get further into all coves."


topographical map

Lake Bertinetti is approximately 60 surface acres created by excavation and construction of an earthen dam in the 1950's. Water is supplied from several natural springs in addition to drainage of water from land within the watershed. There are approximately 2,360 acres in the watershed, of which approximately 90% is farmland. The lake is private and usage is governed by the covenants and restrictions contained in the legal documents creating subdivisions around the lake and the Bertinetti Lake Front Property Owner's Association, Inc. (BLFPOA) Lake Rules.

For a more detailed map of the lake and Taylorville area, see the Christian County GIS map.

To see the lots and property owners, click on the Christian County GIS map.

Bertinetti Lake Front Property Owner's Association, Inc.

BLFPOA is a not-for-profit corporation created in 1989 for the conservation and preservation of Lake Bertinetti and its shoreline. Until 1996, the lake was owned by Lake Bertinetti, Inc., a corporation created by the original developers of the subdivisions. Transfer of ownership of the lake to BLFPOA occurred in 1996 so that the lot owners could control the maintenance and rules of the lake. This placed the authority and responsibility for the lake with those most interested in and impacted by it.

Over the years, BLFPOA has sought to identify specific concerns of lake lot owners and work to achieve consensus and feasible solutions. Officers and directors are elected at the Annual Meeting and potluck held each summer. Standing committees include: Aquatic Vegetation, Fish, Siltation, Pollution, and Bylaws/Lake Rules. Monthly Board meetings (April through November) are held at Peoples Bank in Taylorville.

Use of the lake is at the lot owner's own risk, including their guests. It is not maintained like a swimming pool and great caution is needed while boating, swimming, or fishing. Lake rules restrict boat motor size, speed on the lake, and other safety requirements. The lake is well stocked with fish paid for by BLFPOA. Only BLFPOA members and their guests may fish on the lake.


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