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BLFPOA Committees & Reports

Standing Committees

Aquatic Vegetation - Jerry Hepburn

Siltation - Jim Montgomery

Fish - Ed Salisbury & Scott Bates

Pollution & Water Quality - Dan Raab

Bylaws & Lake Rules - Ron Spears

Architectural Control Committee - Jim Brubaker & Ken Hart

Web Site - Scott Bates & Randy Brooks

Aquatic Vegetation

Lakes go through various cycles and natural changes. From time to time there can be excessive lake vegetation, (duckweed and algae blooms). Treatment, when needed, can be expensive even if done by volunteers. The Aquatic Vegetation Committee investigates possible solutions.


Siltation decreases lake depth and clarity. Silt enters the lake through the large watershed as well as from shorelines that are not properly riprapped. Leaves are another contributor to siltation. A large silt removal project was completed in 2005 through the efforts of BLFPOA. In 2015 a second silt removal project was completed to remove silt from coves around the lake.


Bertinetti Lake is well stocked with fish paid for by the Bertinetti Lake Front Property Owners Association, Inc. members. Our Fish Committee seeks to follow the recommendations of the State Fisheries representatives which occasionally shock the lake to determine fish population. Only BLFPOA members and their guests may fish on the lake.

See an update on the "fish attractors" project.


The pollution committee monitors the quality of the lake water. Only a portion of the Bertinetti subdivision lots are on city sewers, with the remaining lots using septic systems that need to be professionally serviced on a regular schedule.

Bylaws & Lake Rules

This committee reviews and updates the official BLFPOA Regulations on Lake Use. These rules specific guidlines for boating, water activities, fishing, and member expectations for contributing to maintenance of the lake through member fees.

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee reviews and approves plans for construction of new residential structures and improvements in Bertinetti Lake subdivisions. See the Bylaws & Covenantsfor more details.

Web Site Committee

The Web Site Committee collaborates with the board and members of the BLFPOA to provide information of interest to BLFPOA Members and those contemplating moving to the lake.

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