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BLFPOA Projects & News

New Boat Launch

In 2019 the association purchased some lake front property and installed a new boat launch available for members. This new boat launch was dedicated and named the Montgomery Boat Launch in honor of our dedicated BLFPOA President, Jim Montgomery.

Here are some additional photos of the new launch being prepared by the board members:

Fish Habitat Project

Leaders of the Fish Committee, Ed Salisbury & Scott Bates, have been looking into ways to improve the fish habitat of Bertinetti Lake. They found an interesting "fish attractor" called the "Georgia Cube" designed by the Georgia the Department of Conservation. They have made one of these and plan to make several more to be strategically placed around the lake for our fish. Fish attractors are man made habitats designed to attract fish by providing substrate, or feeding locations and shelter for young fish and other small aquatic animals.

In 2019 the BLFPOA Board had a work day in September and built some more fish habitat structures. Here's the board members & friends at work:

2018 Fish Habitats:

fish atractor

GPS Mapping of the Lake

Will Peabody finished mapping the lake. If you follow the link below, you can zoom in on Bertinetti Lake and see contours now. Will states that "After I finished I realized I didn’t offset the transducer distance when I switched from my old boat to my pontoon boat. You need to add about a foot to each contour line to be accurate.  I plan to remap the lake and upload the results to this website. I will also attempt to get further into all coves."

Fish Population Study

The Fish Committee is also hoping to shock the lake this year to study our current fish population. The lake is stocked in accordance with recommendations from the Illinois state fishery. Due to financial problems with the state in the last couple of years, it has been several years before the last shocking. The lake has a good population of bass and catfish, but the crappie population has not been as good. Hopefully the shocking can occur again this year.

Silt Removal

In 2016 we completed the most recent siltation dredging project. This has been fully paid by BLFPOA member annual fees. This was the largest project in 15 years. At the 2017 annual meeting it was announced that no new projects are proposed at this time, but the current silt retention areas need to be cleaned out. The purpose of those sites is to keep the silt from entering the lake itself and retaining it in an area which is accessible to removal.



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